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August Inspiration

Time to see whats out and around in this world wide web and get some inspiration from the world. Following are a few different projects I have found that are inspiring.

Savannah Project, a container house by Julio Garcia

This is an inspiring project by Julio Garcia using shipping containers as the main structure to create this building. On the outside its kept a lot of its original look and feel but the inside is modern and clean.


[via Small House Bliss]

Shoes Books and a Bike 

This clever design is a shoe, books and bike stand that would fit neatly in an entrance hallway or the side of a room. The simple and elegant design is so obvious yet it’s the first time I’ve seen something like this.


[via PostFossill]

Hawk House by Alex Wyndham

This isn’t a house as such more a bed bungalow but even so the design and materials used are great. I love the green roof and having it use materials that make it part of the landscape. Sustainability was a big factor in the design of this and the rest of the images over on ArchDaily explain a lot more.


[via ArchDaily]

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